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We've just uploaded a new installer which contains engine fixes for our AI (as well as a few additional maps). Our progress on the next release has been splendid, and we are aiming to release shortly after the next major Spring engine update (to take advantage of several major improvements in unit behavior).

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Hey all!

Despite our quiet, progress is trucking right along, as anyone who's had an eye on our SVN log will have noticed. Progress towards the first M-series release (tentatively titled Market Garden) has been significant, with loads of major additions, such as:

  • Paratroopers for the US.
  • Glider landings for the Brits.
  • V1 rocket for Germans.
  • Ambush mode for Soviet partisans (keeps them hidden until they can throw their molotovs).
  • Mobile AA units.
  • An entirely revamped armor system (gun/penetration).
  • Turn commands (so you can angle those tanks to face just the right way).
  • Smoke shells (blind the enemy so you can advance!).
  • Huge revisions to the role of artillery, so it behaves less like direct fire support and more like long-range bombardment.
  • Streamlined 'tech tree' using a prerequisite system.
  • And loads more!

Note: if you already have S44 installed, just grab the Spring Engine update from here: Springrts.com, as you don't need to install the whole game again.

Arkitan - - 69 comments

Very cool. :D

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bobthedino - - 1,789 comments

Keep up the awesome work guys!

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neddiedrow - - 161 comments

The Pre-M test releases are accessible through links in the topic of our channel on the Spring lobby, and they get regular play, so don't be a stranger!

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MrSumi66 - - 4 comments

someone tell me how i can get it work, i mean:

when i try to start the map it says, pick a mod, and when i try to pick a one, theres none


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