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This is free WWII RTS on an epic scale!

Whether you're commanding a platoon of infantryman or an entire armoured division with a friend, battles can be as small or as massive as you'd like (well, within some reason, of course). The only real limitation is what your opponent is ready for, and whether or not your computer can handle hundreds of infantrymen and dozens of tanks pounding the crap out of one another. :)

A note: we don't have singleplayer yet, so once you've installed, fire up SpringLobby and join us for a game or three (our channel is #s44, should be autojoined if you use the installer). Hope to see you there!

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Hello all!

We have released a new major version of Spring:1944. This one is numbered 3.00 with codename Operation Frühlingserwachen and is based on the SpringRTS 103.0 engine. Operation Frühlingserwachen or "Spring Awakening" was a combined German and Hungarian counterattack in march of 1945 against the advancing Soviet troops near Lake Balaton [1].

Major changes since Spring:1944 2.0 "Operation Overlord" include:

  • two completely new sides: Hungary has been added to the axis factions and Sweden is available for those who would rather not pick sides in this war. Both factions are complete with their infantry, vehicles, towed guns, mobile and rocket artillery, aircraft, boats, tanks and more.
  • An "in-game"; faction picker widget. It is now possible to pick your faction when choosing the starting position
  • A preview version of a new AI called spammer was added to assist the C.R.A.I.G. AI in training you for multiplayer games. This one will throw units at your at breakneck pace from a big and scary Flakturm. Can you hold your ground against it? Install the game and find out!
  • Some units have received a graphics makeover in the form of new models and new skins. Build menu pictures have also been updated.
  • For those who have new graphics cards a new graphics makeover has been added in the form of SSAO, color correction and Cook-Torrance specular shader.
  • There are new units available for the 6 other factions:
    • US: M36 Jackson tank destroyer
    • JPN: Type 5 heavy tank destroyer (Na-To)
    • JPN: Busou Daihatsu Artillery Craft
    • JPN: JPNT14 torpedo boat
    • All: Scout cars have been added
    • All: long range guns (longer range howitzers)
  • A new match option called Spoils of War has been added, which spawns 1940 era French armor at flags. The first one to capture the flag gets it. hurry up!
  • Flags now display their value. As always, flags give you income with which you can build units and increase in value over time.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • #200: Engineer stop reclaiming after moving
    • #194: Planes dropping bombs from max altitude (out of flak guns range)
    • #192: Boatyards keep getting stuck
    • #189: Commando's smoke grenade consumes satchel charges
    • #188: Some rocket units (e.g Katyusha) not using ammo
    • #186: Game crash on S44 Test Version 4750-1ee74d4 with unit in boat
    • many many others
  • We are now reachable over Matrix as well: Riot.im


Commented replays: S44.eu

[1] En.wikipedia.org

Try spring 1944 and vote for us

Try spring 1944 and vote for us

News 2 comments

Small reminder to try spring 1944 and vote for us as indie game of the year 2015.

Spring: 1944 V2.0 Operation Overlord Released!

Spring: 1944 V2.0 Operation Overlord Released!


Official Announcement of the big 2.0 release.

Most III (1.62) released!

Most III (1.62) released!

News 1 comment

Most III (1.62) is an update release to Morgenrote, fixing a few bugs with paratroopers, partisan drops, and V-1 attacks.

Morgenrote (1.6) released!

Morgenrote (1.6) released!


Spring: 1944 Operation Morgenrote (1.6) is out! This is meant to be a stable version for a good while, and represents a big improvement over 1.53.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 158)
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

Grats guys!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Argeomer - - 5,578 comments

Tracking it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
misieoq - - 1 comments

hello, I know that it is long time since last comment, but I've got problem with AI in 1.7. CRAIG in not working and other AI is not working or crash game. is any way to fix it? Spring 1944 1.7 and Spring 0.98

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ElectroEsper - - 136 comments

I would like to know too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
FLOZi Creator
FLOZi - - 1 comments

Should be resolved with more recent versions of the game available through the lobby, or new 2.0 build, and the current engine (100.0)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
code_man Creator
code_man - - 57 comments

New version 1.7 Neptune is out, but devs didnt update this page it seems.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Trebgarta - - 85 comments

Is this DEAD?!?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
NemoNobody Creator
NemoNobody - - 27 comments

nope! just quiet.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Rammstein23rus - - 24 comments

Is it so hard to make normal installer?!
People suffer from all this **** which they have to do to play that game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Tarlak501 - - 104 comments

hi there i have installed spring then the game then some maps then i tried to laucnh with spring lobby i have select map and game but when i launch i only got me on map alone or only one bot alone and me with nothing even if i put many bot and me it's always like that one bot alone on the map or me alone anyone know how to chnage this or set ?

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