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In which level-geometry is perhaps done; doors are detailed; stains are applied; crystal-light changes are finished; omissions are discovered; an icon is in progress; a new collectible is added; and the initial demo-note is tweaked.

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Greetings and salutations!

This week's screenshot shows a new collectible, found in level five:

Screenshot from 2020 09 12 13 59 1

The work of the week just past fell primarily in the visual arts:

Perhaps the most notable part of that work is that level five's geometry may well be complete now!

Some of these changes were fairly minor: A few tweaks were made to the objects on the central tables; the doors have been smoothed and given a little detail, as well as threshold-stones at their feet; and what lies beyond those doors has been blacked out.

Perhaps more saliently, stains have been added to the central tables. People once wrote in this place--perhaps studying, or researching, or composing something new. This is evinced by the scattering of papers, pens, and inkwells found here. And now, it is evinced too by the ink-stains that spatter the table-tops; a hint at the myriad spills and drips and splashes and sprays of ink that might have been over the long years of the tables' use.

Screenshot from 2020 09 09 12 35

I mentioned in last week's blog post, I believe, that I had moved the working crystal-light that's found in level five. In the week just past, then, I finished the work incurred by this change: regenerating certain values for the crystal; fixing the logic for the "inner glow" object; excluding elements from the related blob-lighting; and so on.

Screenshot from 2020 09 09 12 17

In the week just past I discovered, as I recall, two omissions that I'd made:

First, that I'd forgotten the icon and page-image for a lore-entry. (The one associated with the brass instrument that's now found in level two.)

And second, that I'd neglected to include a collectible in level five. This might not have been an issue, save that level four also lacks a collectible--reasonably, in its case--meaning that there would have been no collectibles since the level before that. And furthermore, level five is the last level of the demo--I don't want to so end without a collectible!

The first of those omissions I've only started work on: I'm partway through the creation of the lore-icon, I believe.

The second, however, is now done: a collectible brass pen can now be found in level five, and which is shown in the first screenshot above.

The scrollwork on this thing gave me a little trouble, I'll confess--it took a few tries to get it to something like my satisfaction!

Similarly, the ink-stains proved tricky: Just including them as part of the pen's colour-texture incurred some shader-related problems, alas. As a result, the stains are actually applied via a separate mesh with its own colour-texture--a solution that itself incurred some sorting challenges!

Furthermore, getting it to work with the collectible close-up view involved a minor change to the rendering of the frame that borders that view--beforehand, the ink (and only the ink) rendered over the border!

(I also implemented a minor change to my inventory-item shader, albeit one that I think isn't being used in the final version of this pen.)

Still, I believe that I'm happy with the way that the pen came out in the end. ^_^

And finally, I made some touch-ups to the note that appears at the start of the demo. Aside from being perhaps a little lengthy, this looked, I felt, a little drab. Thus I've added a little bit of decoration to it, rewritten its text in places, and tweaked its colouring. I'm not sure that the text is quite done yet, but I think that it looks a little less plain now, at the least!

Screenshot from 2020 09 14 10 57 1

That then is all for this week--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^

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