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To collect nectar or not to collect nectar. That's the question.

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Flutter Bombs is a game where players collect nectar, and reissue said nectar in the form of either nectar-bullets or nectar-bombs presumably toward enemies intruding the butterfly grove.

What differentiates this twin-stick from other shmups, is that nectar is a limited resource. When collected sparingly, players will have unlimited ammo, and never fall short of ammo. But if players collect every nectar drop they see, the nature-themed board will not have a chance to regrow its bounty, and players will find themselves not only dry of nectar ammo, but practically defenseless against their enemies.

Does this mechanic help or hurt the game? I'm not really sure. While this game design gesture is poetic in the sense that "nature needs a chance to regrow", players have expressed concern that this mechanic may be too punishing.

This friday, i'll be handing out a bunch of steam keys in hopes of getting some feedback for #feedbackfriday with the specific aim of studying this mechanic. Feel free to reach out to me via the twitters if you're interested in a key. twitter: @flutterbombs

In addition to nectar flow, i've now integrated leaderboards and achievements into Flutter Bombs on steam. (achievements/trophies are already available on Xbox/PS4). Eventually i will have leaderboards integrated into the game UI, but for now, the Steam API overlay can be used to check out leaderboard stats.

Thanks for your time and support, and keep on droppin' those F-Bombs ;)

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