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Post news RSS How Will You Get Better Equipment as a Settler?

As a settler you will be gathering resources and selling them to Aviro. How will this benefit you? The store will allow you to use those resources to purchase equipment and guns that is how. Come see the progress, and see how you will be buying equipment in the future.

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A critical part of Violent Sol Worlds is the gear. Survival is made easier through getting better gear. Plus some of the stuff is just cool. So we are pushing lately to get the store to allow for all types of items to be purchased and customized to your liking. We started by adding the dynamics that it takes to do equipment.

Here is a quick video demonstrating the new store functionality. You can choose equipment or pistols now on our development branch. Each item now is dynamic as to what effected attributes it shows in the information panel. You can see in the video that the guns have accuracy, fire rate, and damage, and the hats have health and armor modifiers.

Stay tuned for a lot more information and cool stuff you will be gathering resources for in the future. Keep looking forward to becoming a settler and following along here on IndieDB. Click here to follow the project

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