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I'm a creative thinker, an artist, a father, and a programmer. I love technology and visual arts. I love a good game and making computer graphics look awesome. I am currently helping create OST Indie Games, so please do go check out their current project, Violent Sol: Worlds

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Violent Sol Worlds is just launched on Kickstrarter, we need your support to make this game fantastic! head here now

800 600 Kick

Earth and the core worlds are suffering. Overpopulation and lack of resources are leading to unrest and desperation. That's where you come in. You've been recruited to colonize a planet more than 4 light years away. It's your job to save the human race from its own greed and consumption. The game is experienced from a top-down view allowing for the deliberate and creative customization of every item, vehicle, and structure in use. Using a scrip-table and dynamic artificial intelligence the AI Overlord will change up every aspect of the game. Nothing stays the same forever, making Worlds an addictive, dynamic experience with limitless replayability.

We succeed with your help! Back the project and get the game as soon as it is ready (if not sooner) Back it now

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✯ I wish you a happy late new year! ~ magicrat_larry ( Moddb.com ) ✯

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magicrat_larry Creator

Thanks for visiting my Blog, what types of games are you interested in?

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Great work here! #gamedev T.co

Jan 5 2019

Coloring the turtle frames today for Cornflower Corbin Animation update #screenshotsaturday #gamedevT.co

Jan 5 2019

Starting to put together the sea turtle for Cornflower Corbins Hand Animation updates. Check out the game on Steam… T.co

Jan 1 2019

So I am attempting to go through my daily queue on Steam and man did Valve screw up Steam by letting anyone get the… T.co

Dec 31 2018

Come see what we are doing with Cornflower Corbin, hand animation fun is coming soon #games #animationT.co

Dec 19 2018

Getting #animation for the shark getting mad while swimming. #drawing #gamedev T.co

Dec 7 2018

Who hates it when work takes all your brain power from #gamedev

Nov 15 2018

put together more of a shark animation, wondering how I color its frames now. #gamedev #indiedev #animation T.co

Nov 11 2018

here is a view of all my frames of my shark tail animation. #gameart #animation T.co

Nov 8 2018

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