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Check our overview to learn more about the skill trees you can develop for your heroes in Rise of Humanity! Find out how you can improve their skills and become stronger!

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Rise of Humanity is a fun but complex game. You build separate decks for four heroes, each of them having their own specific skills and cards (the Early Access version will have 119 cards in total!). Much like in RPGs, the characters interact with each other, they can improve their skills and become stronger by completing missions and battle goals. Check out this little overview to learn more about the skill trees you can develop for your heroes!

We have four heroes in our upcoming Early Access game, each with different strengths and specific powers:

  • Hunter is great in close combat with his melee attacks but he also has his guns and explosives to fight enemies from a distance. He can slay robots with his Ice Axe or blow them up with his famous Exploding Bunny!
  • Su is a badass inventor with her own walkbot who knows how to make bots and turn them against the enemy. Thanks to her incredible technical skills, she can deploy time bombs, turrets, and mobile mines to attack the enemies with. Some of her attacks will not just damage the bots but also push them one hex away – which allows her to move without disengage cost.
  • Our hacker, Memory can control Crushers, Puppies and Drones from a distance, she’s able to dazzle or immobilize them – or simply move them farther away. She uses electricity in her range attacks but she can also charge her own energy or use it to damage bots in her close vicinity.
  • With her special powers, Alex is able to heal other heroes (and themselves, too) using the Healing Spray card or deploying a Health Beacon. They can attack robots with a Pocket Gun from a couple of hexes away or corrode them with an Acid Spray when standing next to them.

When you successfully complete battle goals, your heroes will gain skill points that you can exchange in the Hideout for more powerful skills. You can choose from three possible skill trees specific to each of your characters. Each skill tree comes with three new powers that you can unlock using the skill points you’ve gathered, the first one costing 3, the second 6, and the third 9 points.

Hunter can become a Hit & Run type of character, a Gunslinger or an Explosive Expert.

  • Hit & Run: By choosing this skill tree you can improve Hunter’s mobility or close combat attacks. The possible skills here include gaining stamina by slaying bots or making melee attacks deal more damage.
  • If you’d rather have Hunter be a master of guns, you should go with the Gunslinger skill tree. Powers you can get with this one will mostly affect ranged attacks, making them more powerful or giving an additional card and energy if you kill an enemy with such a move.
  • Should you decide to make him an Explosive Expert, Hunter will be able to gain three possible powers related to area of effect attacks (Hand Grenades, Exploding Bunnies, etc.). With the first available skill, you can make him invincible to other heroes’ ranged attacks (for example a hand grenade thrown by a friend or if Memory uses her Energy Overload card in close vicinity). For 6 skill points, you can start your turn with a Mollie Cocktail in your hand but if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can increase both the damage and area of your explosives – and go out with a bigger bang!

As for our engineer, Su, you can go with the following options:

  • Famous for her inventions, one of the possibilities for Su is a skill tree focused on improving her Toys. Going with this one will increase the powers of her deployables: you will be able to get an additional card, more hit points or the chance to place one more ‘toy’.
  • By choosing to strengthen her Assault skills, she will gain extra skills in close combat situations. For example, more energy and stamina when an enemy leaves her zone of control or being able to more damage to enemies she pushes away.
  • You also have the option to go with the Mortar skill tree. Exchanging three skill points will make Su gain energy when she damages more than one enemies with the same card (so when she hits two bots with one stone). Another possible power you can gain here is increasing the range of her area effect attacks, and the most expensive skill will basically demolish her enemies with half the effort!

As a hero who specializes in crowd control and hacking Crushers, Memory can become a master of Control, Energy or Decks.

  • With the Control skill tree, you will give extra powers to Memory's debuff effects: they can give her an additional card, deal damage to the enemies or last for an additional turn.
  • Going for the Energy option: your hero will be able to ‘'supercharge'' (she will gain additional energy at the start of her turn), gain energy when she receives damage or reduce the energy cost of a card.
  • Becoming a Deck Master will enable Memory to get more card-related powers. Possible skills in this tree include drawing one additional card every turn, as well as getting an additional card when she discards or plays one.

Alex can either improve their Sprays, their Combat moves or the Beacons they deploy.

  • The first option will give your medic’s healing or acid sprays a bunch of useful powers. For example, for 3 skill points, you will be able to draw a card whenever Alex successfully uses a spray. If you get far enough in the game, you can even increase the range of your sprays (but you will need to gather 9 skill points for this!)
  • Going with the Combat skills on the other hand will give you the option to increase the range of their ranged attacks when they are next to an ally – making them their bodyguard, in a way! By exchanging more skill points, you will access skills that can regenerate Alex after suffering damage or automatically heal allies when moving next to an ally.
  • Beacons: Choosing this skill tree can enable you to give Alex’s deployables extra charge, have their energy costs reduced or their effects increased.

Curious to learn more? Stay tuned for some more tips & tricks next week!

You can also try the free Prologue with the first two levels of the game here.

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