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Hostile Mars Devlog Update 03: Plants! (Lichens and Bryophytes), Laser Traps, New Robot Textures, and Data-Oriented Design: Inverse Kinematics.

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Hostile Mars DevLog 03 Cover mi

Another productive week and another devlog!

The past week has been spent on implementing an IK (Inverse Kinematics) system using a data-oriented approach. All of the enemies are entities instead of traditional game objects, which allows for a crazy amount of enemies both active and on-screen simultaneously!

The only problem with this is that most of the systems that were in place need to be rewritten to work with Unity DOTS.

DOTS is Unity's version of Data-Oriented Design and it has shown incredible performance improvements.

It isn't necessarily the best task to show off, since the IK is relatively the same as it was before, but it is nice to have out of the way. It is one of the last things that needed to be converted over to DOTS.

A few other things that have been completed in the last week:

Yes, some forms of moss are beginning to be engineered to stay alive, even thrive, on Mars. These are not traditional rooted plants, but lichens and bryophytes:

Hostile Mars Bots and Moss f

New Enemies
They might seem friendly, but then why would they have a laser cannon for a face?

Hostile Mars Walker Bots 2 min

Laser Trap
An updated laser trap:

Hostile Mars Laser Trap min

With a new shader!

Hostile Mars Laser Trap Shader

That's it for this week, another update each and every week! Also, I am posting a development roadmap this week on the Steam page.

Take care,

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