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We're introducing the characters of Hellenica leading up to launch on January 23rd. Check out Diona, the Arktos!

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Hellenica's coming out in 2.5 weeks! Head over to the steam page and wishlist it for us, we'd appreciate it!

Last time, I dug into Diona's bear form and some of the fun you can have with Beardozer. Check it out if the thought of running amok as a giant bear in ancient Greece sounds compelling.

Even in her human form Diona's no pushover. She has reduced HP and movement range compared to Beariona, but if you're willing to take some risks with her human skills, she still has great utility and can deal a lot of damage.

First up, her basic dagger attack deals piercing damage to help cut through heavy enemy units, and she gets an extra backstab bonus when she attacks from behind enemies.

With the Roll skill, Diona is able to ignore obstacles and blink four additional spaces. At the end of her roll, she'll perform a dagger attack against any adjacent enemies. That's potentially four backstabs in a single turn!

Diona's not only about damage in human form though. If you'd rather help support your allies more directly, you can unlock Artemis' Blessing, one of the few healing skills in Hellenica.

After two turns, Diona will transform into a thrashing bear again, so you'll have to consider your actions carefully in human form!

On Friday, I'll start introducing Nephele, our theomechanic priestess from the temple of Apollo. Until then, spread the word about Hellenica's launch and get your tactics-loving friends to wishlist it!

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