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Video and pictures from a new bloody looking level in progress with new monsters in it.

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The two new monsters are: Hunter and Dimensional Floater. Both are quite dangerous and you should have some heavy weapons ready, as they both can deal plenty of damage quickly and take quite a bit of punishment. Also it was fun making sounds for them.


The Pit of Decay level is not yet fully complete. I think it's going to use all 3 keys, but possible the Red key is at the bottom of the pit, and the yellow key is needed to get down there. Made some new code that allows placing one monster entity into the level, then set an amount to it, and it spawns that many monsters from that spot. Should be useful for teleport / "crawl up" traps.

Also made a platform that can go down, wait a few seconds at the bottom, return up, if the player or a monster is still on it, wait a few seconds before activating again. The platforms can also do the movement in reverse order. Could extend it into allowing doing a perpetual motion machine.

All ammo items now have readable fullbright/glow text, so it's easier to know what they are and find them if they happen to be in some darkness.

This video is from another level, that I "borrowed" from my other project. The Flamethrower has a powerful Flame Bomb alternate fire mode, though flying monsters may have some better chances at avoiding the flames. The level could have a bit more detailing in some places and maybe some changes in the monster placement. This level is very linear and no need for keys.


Pit of Decay Start

You get the Magnum poweup and the Machinegun right away here. It's probably a trap.

Pit of Decay Surrounded

Surrounded by the Hunters. They're quick and and use their upper arms to slice you and shoot little rockets with their lower arms. Some of them can go partially invisible.

Pit of Decay Rocket Launcher

Just got the Rocket Launcher here. I guess the monsters didn't agree.

Pit of Decay Smart Plasma

The Smart Plasma alternate fire mode is pretty effective against flying enemies and large groups.

Dimensional Floater

The Dimensional Floaters in this other level from the shorter Flame Bomb video. They like shooting plasma and floating around. Originally this model was completely robotic, tweaked it to be more organic.

Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek into what might be appearing in some later episode. "Borrowed" these textures from my another other project and added some material definition and smoothness into them.

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