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Two new trailers, singleplayer and 2 player splitscreen.

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This was going to be news about Hell Denizen being wishlistable in Steam, but seems I need to be able to pay taxes to US, and that doesn't happen automatically from Finland. It might take some month or something to get that tax stuff sorted.

Meanwhile, here's a Singleplayer Trailer and a 2 player Splitscreen Trailer. This time the videos (and screenshots) have realtime lighting turned on.


Playing through various levels. Don't know what to say, except I'm quite satisfied how cool Hell Denizen has become!

The player character look changed to some kind of combination of older and newer look. Might make the grey areas have some color tint too to make her easier visible in multiplayer modes.

This video lacked bullet trails as I thought the muzzleflashes would have been enough, now some of the alternate fire bullets have them to make the alternate firing modes look more powerful.


Level 02 start area

Level 02 has no name yet, but here's near the starting area.

Level 02 inner yard

You need to go through this little yard to get the Silver Keycard. Might indent the windows, it was just faster to bump them outwards to see if windows would fit there. Subtractive brushes in the level editor would be great...

Level 03 sewer

In a colorful sewer area in Level 03: Canal Gantlet.

Level 03 bridge

Could add some more city textures, they look pretty cool.

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