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Let's make these collectibles worth grabbing, shall we?

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Hey hey people!

This week, we're gonna talk about the rewards of grabbing the collectibles

Let's get to it.


Last week we left you with this image


This is a concept for what we think will be a good incentive to get all the collectibles.

The idea is that every collectible caught will unlock a piece of the picture, which will then be repaired and placed into the photo album that is our level selection

Screenshot 2021 08 19 202302

In the chapter selection menu, we added an arrow that will allow you to go see all the photos that can be unlocked by getting all the items on the levels

We have more concept art of what the photos could be, such as

Colecionavel 3 andColecionavel 2

We also have some idea of how to deal with progression in terms of what gets unlocked first. Have a look

unknown 1Screenshot 2021 08 19 204022

These are just concepts and in no way the final art or progression, but you can already see what we were going for.


For this devlog, we talked about a reward system for the collectibles and how we plan to handle its progression.

We hope you enjoyed it. See you next week and stay safe out there!

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With Kindness, Rio Studios®

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