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Post news RSS Gravity Vector is now on Steam Greenlight!

Our physics based project, Gravity Vector, has finally reached a point in development that made us think it's time to go public.

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We're proud to announce that our first creature, Gravity Vector, got on Steam Greenlight!

The game has its core mechanics squared out and it's undergoing further development as we speak. Yet we have enough to show the world what the game will be about.

Follow us here on IndieDB, Twitter, Facebook, our official website and more importantly, please help us to
get greenlit!

A playable demo is coming soon!!!

Here's a quick run down of what you'll find in the soon-to-come playable demo:

Paintjob sequence

Paintjob sequence in the Hangar, personalize your capsule!!!

The Gravity Vector demo will include the Hangar. It won't be complete of course, but will allow you to use the custom paintjob function and customize your capsule with the basic upgrades necessary to get through the demo levels.

PRO-TIP: be wary of the vessel's weight! Some missions will require you to be agile more than everything! A heavy capsule will slow your direction changing considerably!

near miss

Near miss! Executing risky maneuvers will net you more prize cash!

The score tracking system is already implemented and fully functional. Cruising through asteroid belts like a madman will probably force you to re-launch a couple more times, but the final cash prize should be well worth it!

PRO-TIP: be as crazy as you like, the game incourages it! But never lose track of the planned trajectory or you'll be lost in space! Useless relaunches will lower your final cash income, so be wary!

Optimized code

Well optimized code allows smooth gameplay with over 5 thousands objects on screen!

Constant attention to optimization in terms of coding and polycount allows Gravity Vector to run smoothly with an impressive amount of objects on screen! It applies to everything static such as planets, asteroids and planetoids, some of which hollowed out to allow dangerous gameplay, thus raking in even more points!

PRO-TIP: not really a pro-tip, but when you escape a homing mine by passing through an hollow planetoid and it explodes on impact, it feels pretty damn good!


A very hazardous move: skimming a planet's atmosphere!

The bigger or denser a planet is, the stronger its gravitational pull. Getting incinerated by atmospheres and crashing on the relative planet's surface is the cause number one of death in Gravity Vector. Yet, a skilled player can set their trajectory so well that they'll avoid contact by a hair breadth. Chasers, in particular mines or out of orbit asteroids won't be usually as lucky.

PRO-TIP: Switching to 3rd person view will give you a little bit more vision of what is happening, with consequent better control over your capsule while pulling off such a stunt!


Overview screen. Also known as the planning screen.

The overview screen will show itself before and after every level and will simply demonstrate what you're pitting yourself against. Knowledge is power, that doesn't mean that you're going to win easily.
Mines shown in different colours will have different effects. The red ones being the most common. They will basically chase you until they run out of fuel and try to collide with you. The plasma white one is an EMP. It will blast when you get into its range and disable all of your devices for a short time. Usually enough for you to crash onto a planet or be reached by a chasing mine though.

PRO-TIP: Try and visualize the trajectory you're going to follow to get there and stray out of it as little as you can, unless you have no other choices. Nullifying momentum is hard. Very hard.

Ending screen

Level completed screen - congratulations! You managed to make it!

At the successful end of each level, you'll be faced with the splendor/horrour of your current run. You will be able to contemplate every single time that you re-launched, of your own volition or forced by some kind of baddie who wanted an up-close meeting with your charming self. A command in this screen will allow you to see every trace singularly, the kind of result distinguishable through a different colour. No worries! You'll get better!

PRO-TIP: get to the wormhole in a single attempt, without using any thruster and you'll get some nice extras when the game hands out its rewards. Master the handling of momentum!

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