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An in depth mechanics video with the Graveball developer explaining some design decisions.

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Topics discussed in the video:

  • Scoring
    • There are 2 ways to score in Graveball. Keeping the skull in the goal for 2 seconds or killing everyone on the opposing team and having them remain dead for 2 seconds.
  • Stamina system
    • Most (but not all) actions use stamina
    • Sprinting and attacking are the most common
    • You can’t sprint without stamina
    • Attacks with no stamina occur at 60% speed
    • Stamina takes a second to start recovering (fairly quick recovery rate)
    • While carrying the skull, you cannot recover stamina
  • Carrying logic
    • Hold down throw button to determine strength of throw
    • Tapping the throw button drops the skull
  • Attacking
    • A swing uses remaining stamina
    • If a swing hits, you get 25% of stamina back. Essentially, as long as you keep hitting, you can keep attacking at full speed
  • Weapon throwing / weapon ready logic
    • Weapons throw in straight line
    • Weapons last for 5 seconds on the ground then disappear
    • Can pick up any weapon
    • You respawn in the same weapon equipped state that you died in
  • Death and respawning
    • Base respawn time is 3 seconds
    • Hit while performing an action or in air adds a second to respawn time
    • Hit by a charge or jumping attack (red weapon trail) adds a second to respawn time
    • All hits are kills
  • Suicide / ghost mode
    • Commit suicide to voluntarily enter ghost mode (.5 seconds total)
    • Respawning regenerates all stamina
    • Ghosts move freely and very quickly
    • Once you are a ghost you can spawn a goblin at any time
    • Ghosts cannot pass through the goal line
    • Goblins can spawn into 3 different actions or no action
  • Map rules
    • Falling off map is a base respawn (3 seconds)
    • Weapons, skulls, and ghosts cannot leave the arena
    • Goblins can (they die)
    • Ghosts can’t move through goal lines

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