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What's that? "Oh you can possess turrets and they have different attacks, but what's stopping me from just sticking to my favorite?" Well allow me to introduce the supercharge mechanic and the possession blocker!

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Hello everyone, we have a couple of things we're super excited to show you this week so let's not waste much time, yeah?

First off, we have successfully implemented the supercharge mechanic! This mechanic is a major incentive to keep the player moving and active! While turrets are not possessed they gain charge little by little, and when they're fully charged they have a single devastating shot ready to go. All you have to do is get inside that turret and wreak havoc upon your opponents!

The standard turret, for lack of a better name, shoots a single shot every time its cooldown ends, so when you get inside of it when the supercharge is ready it's time for some strategic picks from a distance, with increased damage and insanely long range that can essentially hit anywhere you see! As for the shotgun, I hope you're ready to greet the new king of burst damage because this supercharge reduces the spread of the next shot and double the amount of bullets in it, making it capable of just completely erasing enemies close to it!

Beyond that we also added a new enemy that could make things a little more interesting and complicated. We'll add visual effects for clarity later but the Possession Blocker enemy is capable of preventing you from possessing turrets within a certain radius of it!

To finish this off, we have gotten started on a UI to help with testing and the like while also getting started on a resource system to not allow the player to just fill every tower spot at the start of the game. This week we plan to improve the spawners and maybe we'll even open up public testing! We'll have to see, I suppose.

Hope you enjoyed this update because we sure are enjoying working on this game! And before we go, I'd like to point you towards @nihsouldefender on twitter! We'll try to be a bit more active there.

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