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We show off our most recent boss, the Chimaera, a rapidly-teleporting, high-damage boss that requires incredibly high attentiveness in order to adequately survive from.

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Welcome to our twelfth blog post!

We’d first like to start off by saying we’ve decided to go with a new working title. The project’s name is still subject to change, but for now, we’re liking the name “Fragment’s Moonrise”.

After recently developing a new boss, we’ve decided to do a short posting about it, and detail what this boss is all about.

Before we go into it, let us begin by showing off the fight in its entirety:



The Chimaera is a fairly scary boss- it can perform quick attacks with a moderate range, and each cut it does invokes very deep wounds on your warriors. It strikes in an area, so be very careful and keep your warriors spread apart.

In addition, it has a followup strike which can send your units into a shock, completely unable to move nor attack, while they sit there helplessly as the Chimaera goes in for another attack. This also strikes in an area, larger than the last, so ensure your warriors are adequately spaced so few are subject to this stun.


Its main methodology of movement is its teleportation- it sends out multiple spells in various directions, and when any of these land, it teleports to said location. It can get around very, very quickly, so its of utmost importance to time your attacks accordingly. With all this movement, your units will enter into a frenzy trying to chase after it, so ensure proper spacing before the Chimaera turns around and strikes upon them. It can strike in an instant; you have been forewarned.


Just when you least expect it, while you think its just merely teleporting around at near-random, it can pull a complete reversal and sneak-attack you by teleporting directly onto your warriors, following up with a quick strike with its claws. Its leap is its most deadly- it can come out of nowhere, and when it does you’ll need to move quickly as it is soon to strike.


The strategy behind this boss is complicated- you first need a healer, as no warrior can survive its claws alone, let alone the deep wounds it invokes. Without someone to restore the health of the injured, in just a few attacks, the warrior will die.

In addition, one potential strategy revolves around its manapool. It has minimal mana, and needs said mana in order to activate its Double Swipe and Leap abilities. Draining its mana would ensure that all that is needing to be worried of is its teleportation and basic strike, a much simpler task, and much less deadly.

It has too many spells to worry about, so ensuring a Druid is present to slow its spellcasting is absolutely necessary. Without it, it will cast at twice its normal rate, and become that much more terrifying.

Finally, it shows great weakness to Flame. Casting Great Fireballs upon it is the only true way to slay it before it can slay you, as no other spell can deal as much damage as quickly.

In the video above, it took us many attempts to defeat this boss, and even when we did, the result was not too pretty- as you can see in the video, many warriors were lost. But we still achieved victory nonetheless. This fight definitely goes the way we want it to, and we’re happy to add it to the collection of bosses. Its a difficult and brutal fight where it becomes hard, yet not impossible, to tell what is going on. It fits the role of a mid-level boss for our project.


Thank you for viewing our post! Support and interest for the project has been rapidly growing ever since we began posting here, and we're incredibly grateful for all the wonderful feedback so far! We hope this project interests you as much as we love developing for it, and please look forward to more updates coming in the very near future!

If you’re brand new, consider checking out our trailer and overall description of the game here.

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