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FNiM3 has been re-uploaded without permission by a guy on gamejolt named Fireteriti.

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My game has been stolen and re-uploaded to gamejolt by a guy named Fireteriti.


Before i say more; I NEVER uploaded Five Nights in Minecraft 3 to gamejolt, i have an account but i never put FNiM3 up on there.

Fireteriti directly stole Five Nights in Minecraft 3 and claims he created it. I will not accept this since he is not giving me ANY credit for making the game.

I will now post the "DevBlogs" he wrote and say when he's lieing.



FNiM3 Released.

"Hello everybody again, The download to FNIM3 is finale out today. I have download it right now and it is a big Version of the game,
I will be creating another game soon. This is the best one I can ever think of to my self. Thank you all for supporting this game
and I will see you on the next FNaF Fan-Game what I will create next."

(Comment: The download he post up on Gamejolt is my game from IndieDB, he doesn't mention anywhere that i made the game and not him)


FNIM3 Trailer Released

"Hello everybody again, I have released the Trailer of Five Nights In Minecraft 3. Thanks to a guy named, Lucasion made this trailer to me, and sended it to me. So I have to say this is a really Rare moment right now where if someone sends you a trailer and you do not even notice it.
So thats all what I have here for this Devlog."

(Comment: No, I did not make a trailer for him. I created a trailer for my own game. The fact that he says he got the trailer sent to him by me is completely false. I first found out about this guy today. Youtube.com That is the Trailer i uploaded 29th of august 2015. He Uploaded the game the 2nd of January 2017. My game was release way before this too, in September 2015 to be exact)



FNIM3: Coming soon

"Hi there everybody, let me introduce my self. My name is Fireteriti, and I am a FNaF Fan-Game designer. I am making my first FNaF Fan-Game called,
Five Nights In Minecraft 3. This is going to be legit!!! Now you see where there are 4 Teaser Images of the game, those characters in the teaser images
will be in the game Five Nights In Minecraft 3. I am making the first ever FNaF Fan-Game I will ever create in my life. I use Blender for modelling the characters,
cameras and the jumpscare. I hope all of you guys who are listing to this Devlog, I will not let you down, and I swear I will never ever cancel this FNaF Fan-Game.
So that is all what I have to say, I will see you, in the next Devlog."

(Comment: The first 4 teaser images he is talking about isn't even from the game, and one of the pictures is designed by me, but to a different FNiM game. The Light Blue Bonnie [Which is seen below] is from FNiM:GO, a different game i was planning on making. Indiedb.com . He is claiming to use Blender to create the models for everything, when first of all he didn't make them. And secondly it is made in Mine-imator. He says he will never cancel the game because he knows that it has already been released by me.)


I will be very greatful if you could go and report the gamejolt page and call him out for being a liar and thief.

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I assume you mean he has stolen your mod, but that aside of the real problem. I really hate it when people do these things, it happened to me about 15 years ago when some guy stole a very early mod version of mine. And it hurts so much because you did all the work and some idiot just comes by and steels the whole thing. I checked the links you gave and it seems 'his' mod has been taken down already, so that is a good thing. And because you did release your mod way before he started steeling it i don't think it is a real problem in terms of people knowing who actually made it, which is you.

Personally i always place my (nick)name in my mods, at least ones in plane view and on places were people not look. That way you can prove right away that you made it. Maybe a idea for the future.
I do hope you keep modding on, and sorry when it is a game and not a mod. But i am not a fan of minecraft, so i am not familiar with its whole concept. But from what i have seen does it look like minecraft, that is why i assume it is a mod.

much success,

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LucasionGS Author
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It's a standalone game file. But i see what you mean.
He stole a full game from me.
I got everything fixed out now, and i created a gamejolt of my own now.
i also put my name in the bottom of the screen, but it's my "real name" i wasn't very experienced with copyright for 2 years ago XD.
I starting working in 2015 march, same date the game came out.
Thanks for reading :P Means a lot.

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