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Lately we've been working on a variety of elements. But today, we want to show you a few developments we made with our fish character. Check it out!!

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Hey there people,

DWG bring you another update on Sea of Memories!!

Lately, we've been developing a variety of elements we will present to you in due time. But today we want to share with you all the development we did on our fish character.


Previous pattern design sketches

You might remember our previous fish related post, where we showed you some of our ideas for the fish's pattern. We've decided that design number 6 is our favorite, so we started testing some color variations for it.

fish6 1 fish6 3

fish6 4 fish6 2

Various color studies

We tried with a variety of different colors, some more realistic than others. We knew that we wanted the fish to look friendly and calm but also a bit fantastic and magical. After a while we decided to go for the classic "golden fish" look.

fish6 5

Current color design

We went with a friendly orange and yellow look, but gave him some blue and purple accents in order to give it a more interesting look. We're also planning on giving it some bright highlights to make him stand out.

In other news, we started working on our fish's 3D model. This is still a basic work in progress, but it will be finished and rigged in the next few days.

3D 5

3D 2 3D 5

3D 1 3D 3

WIP of the fish's 3D model

This is all for now. What do you think of our little fish friend?

We'll be back so stay tuned for more.

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