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One of the most important support class in FoA, the artilleryman!

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The artillery men are another support class in Field of arms and the only mean the team has to destroy player built enemy fortifications, create holes in the enemy defense and also deal incredible damage to players.

They are able to deploy artillery pieces such as different cannons and mortars which require careful reloading, timing and aiming, these artillery pieces cannot be used constantly as it requires the player to perform a different set of actions in order to shoot each cannon ball or mortar barrage.

The artillery men follow a different resource mechanic to that of the sappers; they don’t have a shared resource pool but a shared limited quantity of artillery pieces they can put in the field, if all artillery pieces are deployed the players will have to work together in the handling of them, encouraging teamwork to reload aim and shoot, if they want to change the position of the artillery piece they will have to pack it up and deploy it in another location.

We hope that players will enjoy raining destruction into the other team’s structures and have fun doing it.

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