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New houses & rooms! New birds landing! New romanceable characters to meet! New fluffy friends to pet! PUPPIES & KITTENS included!

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to another devlog for Farmwand. We have made tons of new things for the game since the anniversary, including a whole new player's house and lots of progress with the interiors, many feathered animals that you haven't seen, some new romanceable characters presented in a brand new style and some new fluffy friends (spoiler alert : puppies and kittens are coming!!!)

So many updates that we can't wait to show you, let's start!

🏠Home Sweet Home💖

In the Anniversary Devlog we showed you the new and final style we'll go with for the player houses and the very first house in that new style : the Pumpkin House. A crop / fruit based appearance is the main theme.

This time, we bring you the Peach House!

We started with some simple drafts of the house and how it evolves as it is upgraded.

PeachHouse Draft

PeachHouse 07

The process of then building the house is quite long and complex. We started by sculpting a peach, then we added all the extra pieces and decorations of the house and finally sent them to be painted. We kept adding more details to the models and the textures during these different steps to get the final look correct.

For a more detailed behind the scenes you can check this post here on our Patreon!

But time to explore the interior of this house. And particularly, this brand new room we prepared for you where you can get all the "work" done, the Crafting Room.

Here you will unlock all sorts of handy tools like the crafting table, the tailor table, the loom etc. to create all sorts of items, outfits and more to help you in your adventures.



💞New love stories await💕

In the world of Farmwand you will meet all sorts of characters in all sorts of places. From Lunahweld town, one of the bigger human settlements left in the world after the conflicts of ages past, to Frostward in the north, to Karpton and the Salt Tower near the shore, or even the proud village of Akh-Na, there are lots of people to meet and cultures to learn from.

And some of these characters can become your friends and eventually, your romantic partners and spouses. Each of the romanceable characters has their own personality, goals and dreams, personal issues, friendships and backstories. Befriending them and spending time with them will take you in all kinds of journeys, full of happy and sad moments all around.

Today, we are introducing you to the first 5 romanceables in the game (4 if you have already met Cecilia). And in this new style of concept art, we are also giving you a sneak peak at each of their personalities.😉

Lily CharacterSheet Wt . . . . Laek Character Sheet Wt

Arthur CharacterSheet Wt . . . . PortraitSheet Cecilia Wt

Dugommer CharacterSheet Wt

Three of them are human, one of them is not, and the last one...the last one we believe not even he knows!

🐾More furry buddies!🐐

The last winners from our dog polls, the Labrador and the German Shepherd have finally arrived to Farmwand!

And did you hear the news? Puppies and kittens are also here!


German Shepherd 02


Also, one of the last farm animal has also found its way to Farmwand. They are...the Greatest Of All Time!

image 229 0000

🐓New feathered members of Farmwand🦉

We have been showing a lot of furry friends that you can expect in the game, but we have not forgotten all these lovely feathered( flying or not ) creatures! Bird lovers raise your hand!

It has taken us a while but the last member of the chicken family, the rooster dad is finally ready!

A happy chicken family

A group of geese have also recently waddled their way into Farmwand...

image 222 0000

We just love how they waddle, check it out here.

And the first (and one of the most requested / beloved bird pets) has also landed, a barn owl, one of many kinds of owls you can have as companions in the game.

Barn Owl 2

We made a small animation to let you see how their wings open and spread, you really can't miss this !

There are a lot of new things to see today, we hope you have liked them. Remember to join our Discord, subreddit, or follow our Twitter and Patreon posts for more updates and be a part of our Farmwand community!

Thanks for reading, and have a nice weekend. See you next time!❤️

Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

-Is there will be some enemy at night time!?.

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IrrSoft Author
IrrSoft - - 312 comments

Hi there!

There will be some dangerous creatures and animals roaming the lands at all times...but yes, the dangers at night time and in other dark places will be more unique :)

See here : Indiedb.com

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Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

Wow, thanks, uuuuuuu ....

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