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Post news RSS Exploring the cave of Undead and playing with fire.

What fantasy game wouldn't be better with some alive skeletons and explosive barrels? Especially combined with dynamic Bow&Fire; mechanics and challenging combat system?

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Good day to you stranger! This time I wanna share some brand new fire mechanics. You can simply create a fire arrow by just physically moving it though any source of fire like torch or camp fire. The fire will last for several seconds.

Fire arrows will deal fire damage, cause burn effect on your enemies or cause an explosion of some barrels with alchemist powder.

You can see that it can also destroy nearby obstacles like old walls.

And what about the alive skeletons? These nice guys spending there free time in old caves, mines, lost temples. If someday you'll decide that you have found a secret way to the enemies castle though old catacombs - don't be sure that it will be that safe.

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