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Weekly focus on level design and some user interface related features

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Greetings indedb!

We come to you once again for another weekly recap.

Level Design

More work has been put on level design this week, it's a topic that requires alot of time and effort to make right.

image 1

Here we have another layout option we thoughts would be interesting to work with. It's important to have alot of options and references to be able to identify which is the best and why


Here is another Level layout, we are using this kind of template to study the different sizes of our obstacles, this raises questions like "how big will the player be compared to this table ? what about that door ?" etc, this allows for a better perspective on which sizes we should pick from.

Game Design

For this week we'd like to share something a little bit different, this is our "guide" for the difficulty we want our game to be.

Atomic Parameters

Here we have a table that shows what we are taking in consideration in terms of game balance, how fast does the player have to act to attack/defend himself ? how strong should the weapon upgrades be ? how fast does he collect meat and how many zombies are in the level ?, this are all important questions that will make a difference later on and having this as foundations will help us to make changes quickly later on.


This sums up this week's progress, thank you for your time !
Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions down in the comments or in our twitter !


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