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Post news RSS Expired Meat Devblog #5 - Prototype Progress

This devblog will focus on showing our progress with mechanics.

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Greetings Indiedb !

Tonight we're here with another devblog.

As the development of the game goes in a decent rhythm, he come to you to show our progress.


As mentioned in the previous devblogs we've been testing the layouts we've chosen in the engine.

In order to provide a challenging gameplay, the map must be closed, without many gaps to escape.

Though constraining the player too much will only cause frustration, so balance is key.

Screenshot 1 2

This is the layout that seemed to fit best, please tell us your thoughts !


Since the kitchen will have 2 entrances, the enemies will have two spawners, one on each side, the spawners spawn a enemy randomly until they reach a certain limit.

Screenshot 2 1

As for combat, right now the player will only focus on one of the zomibes and only be able to damage the one it locks on, this will be changed in the future though.

We also added functional health bars to the enemies

Screenshot 3 2


That is all for this week, thank you guys so much for your attention, don't forget to follow us on Twitter, links are in our main page.

Thank you so much and see you next week !


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