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Expired Meat - Map design, ideas and perspectives.

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Greetings once again indieDB !

Once again be very welcome to our page and third devblog !
This week was mostly spent on map/level design.

Keep in mind everything below is subject to change


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Source : Deviantart.com

As we are aiming for a top down, closed kitchen map, this is what we are aiming for, proportions wise, the character and the enemies will be around 2 blocks size, making the map not too big but not too small to constrain the movement of the player.

Kitchen 3D Floor Plan

Another great example, the tables will serve as obstacles that the player may use to his advantage if he starts being overwhelmed.


The kitchen from mars base also presents a good example, it has balanced proportions where the player has free room to walk and fight but must also be careful because of the obstacles around the room.


That wraps up pretty much what was done during the week, we will keep you guys updated on our progress in the game. even though this devlblog was shorter compared to the others, we must remember that it's the small steps that bring along great things.

That's it for this week, thank you so much for your attention and support and don't forget to follow us on twitter and youtube, we'll make announcements and updates there aswell regarding the game !

Screenshot 3 1

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