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Expired Meat - First steps, mechanics, socials and more

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Greetings once again indiedb !

Welcome to our second devblog.

This week we've spent most of the time discussing the core idea of the game as well as on the mechanics and level design.


Captura de ecra 2023 03 06 20574

Last week we showed our moodboards for the chef, kitchen and zombies, but now we have one for our artstyle, keep in mind that things are subject to change, we aim to go for a more simplistic design with a darker pallet to emphasize the horror aspect of the game.


We are aiming for a fast-paced gameplay with roguelike characteristics and that is exactly what our mechanics are meant for.

As a topdown 2d game, the player must be able to walk with total freedom around the map, so the only elements constraining the player will be the edges of the map as well as a table and the invading zombies.

Screenshot 1

Our first prototype has already some mechanics implemented, the example above shows the player running away from a "zombie" (red sprite), the zombies will be chasing the player down as he walks around the level.

For the prototype we will be using free sprites you'll be able to find in the web.

Screenshot 2

The Player will be able to defend himself by attacking the incoming zombies, though the player must be cautious to not take too many hits as the zombies are not exactly weak as they may seem.

Screenshot 3

Lastly, collecting meat (the white circle), whenever you kill a zombie it will drop a piece of meat which you'll be able to collect by holding a key for a short period of time, during this time the player will be unable to move and will be vulnerable to attacks.


As you can tell by the images above this week was mainly focused on mechanics, as we're working on art concepts for the game and level design as well as other game design choices in general.

We will post the video which showcases the mechanics mentioned above on our twitter account, don't forget to stop by and see you next week !

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