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Release announcement for the dynamic mode demo v0.5.

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We've just released our Dynamic Mode Demo, which is available to download right now on IndieDB, itch.io and Steam. We hope you enjoy it!
Our Steam release has been delayed by a couple of days due to the approval process which takes time, but we hope to have it with you as soon as possible!

Shirasaka 1

If you find any bugs or want to ask any questions, please report them on the bug-report channel or post in the ask-devs channel respectively in our Discord. Alternatively, you can post them in our Steam Community forum.
-even if you don't find any bugs or have any questions to ask, it would be great to see you there!

New features:

  • Dynamic Mode
    A brand new mode has now become implemented into UW, dynamic mode. Traverse our brand new game map and encounter a variety of random events, how you respond to which will either make or break your chances for survival. Each playthrough will be able to provide you a different experience!
  • New Weapons
    Two completely different styles of weapons have been introduced into this build. First of all, the Model 1897 Trench Gun has been inducted into UW. Second of all, placeable landmines. These two new additions might shake up your approach to missions.
  • New Map
    Brand new maps and locations with different climates and architectures have been included within this build. Their layout is also vastly different from levels in previous builds. Expect to enjoy them aesthetically and tactically!
  • New Models and Animations
    One of the factions, Zmey, now has representation ingame via the new models included in this build. On the note of models, in previous builds did you notice that the soldiers only had three fingers per hand? Well not anymore! Now they’re like you and me and have a full five. Due to the finger increase, we’ve been able to refine some of the animations to look a bit more slick.
  • New 2D sprites
    Most of the character art has been totally overhauled with brand new 4K sprites. We think they look pretty slick, but what do you think of them, we'd love to hear your thoughts!
  • Class System
    A new class system is being introduced into the game. Although limited at this point, expect to see this expanded upon in future.
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