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Post news RSS Drunk On Nectar is now available on Steam!

Drunk On Nectar has released on Steam as Early Access. Check out the store page if you haven't yet!

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Drunk On Nectar's journey has begun! The game is now available as Early Access on Steam. The community hub is already bustling with plenty of feedback, screenshots and community videos, so get in there and join the fun :)

Upcoming Patches

The game released last week on 16th November 2016 and a first patch has already gone out with improvements to Dragonfly hunting gameplay.

Another patch is coming early this week to provide alternate camera configurations. Controlling a creature like a Jumping Spider provides some interesting technical challenges because of the number of unusual (by conventional standards!) positions in which this fascinating creature can hunt its prey. Different people have different control preferences so hopefully this patch makes it easier for people to choose a camera scheme that they find intuitive and fun.

Video Tutorials!

To make your hunting life easier as a Dragonfly or Jumping Spider here's a few tutorials to get you up to speed!

If you're wondering why no tutorials have been published for the butterfly or bee, it's because most people seem to have figured out the pollinator gameplay, it's admittedly much easier than being a predator :)

A new tutorial on Grappling mechanics in the game is planned for later this week.

If you prefer old-school manuals the game also has a rather wordy in-game tutorial (presented in comic-book style format!) for you to read.

Come aboard DoN's journey!

If you like the concept of this game consider buying it on Steam!

Keep the feedback and comments coming in too, DoN's journey has only begun and I want you to be a part of this epic quest to create the first full-fledged nature experience gaming will have ever seen :)

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