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You can now get a taste of the main theme and listen to some other themes of Vagrus - The Riven Realms.

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The soundtrack of Vagrus is of key importance in conveying the powerful atmosphere of the setting. Be it foreboding or hauntingly beautiful, the score by George Olah captures the essence of the ravaged world of the Riven Realms perfectly. Even more importantly, the majority of fans and influencers have told us that one of the most important parts of the Vagrus experience for them was the music.

soundcloud cover fig2

Ever since we started working with George, we usually had him pour over the specific environment artwork and game world descriptions for each theme and together we listened to fantasy music that evokes the feeling we were looking for in that environment. With our tabletop RPG background, we were aiming for ambient, atmospheric music that goes well with each region of the game. Yet it was important for the environment tracks to be non-intrusive not to detract from the reading parts.

You can listen to the Main Theme here.

Vagrus title image

You can listen to The Molten Tongue theme here.

the molten tongue

You can listen to the Arenas Negras theme here.

arenas negras

You can listen to the Jagged Waste theme here.


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