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Post news RSS Devlog #6 - New 3D Models and UI art

Today we share our overall progress in the project and the more recent art made for the game.

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In this past week we have been focusing on improving the art on gameplay related elements and starting to create modular house parts.

New 3D models:



Chapel Treasures


House Door Wall


House Corner Wall


New UI Icons for some Improvements:





WindAttack 2

Current Progress

In terms of art we are focusing on having the modular houses parts modelled and texturize and completing the rest of the missing art related to gameplay elements such as region relics.

In terms of Programming and Design we are focused on improving the combat experience of the player with better animations, enemy ai and new mechanics such as a parry to better flesh out the feel of combat and give a more strategic approach to it.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next devlog where we will focus more on updated animations, new mechanics and Enemy Ai progress

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Till next time Dear Knights!

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