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Post news RSS Devlog 5 – AI Modelling and Environment Interactions

Hello again, we are the Roma Inmortuus development team, and today we are going to put you up to speed on some of our work. This week, we focused on the Trident companion's armour, the Shield companion's 3D modelling and the programmer started to implement some environment interactions that the player will have to execute in order to traverse the dungeon.

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The Trident AI companion Armor.

The artist updated the 3D model of the Trident companion, by adding pieces of armor and perfecting his work.


The Shield AI companion 3D Model.

This week our artist worked on developing the Shield AI companion on Maya and this is how it turned out, starting with the head!


Finally, this is a 360 view of the AI Shield companion.


Environment Interactions.

Today I would like to demonstrate our idea of interactions with the dungeon that will be fundamental to complete the level. The first one will be an interaction with a lever that lowers a bridge and allows the player to continue his journey.

Lever Bridge

The second one is a pushable object that when put on top of a pressure plate opens a gate. These types of interactions will have more variations in the final vertical slice.

Box Gate

And this concludes this week article. Don't forget to leave a comment below with your opinion. Make sure to follow us on our social media, such as our Facebook. Stay tuned for more development updates next week!

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