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Welcome back! In today’s article we are going to share some insights of the ways we use VR to explore our space and how the puzzles work in combination with the games main object, The Cubes.

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In our last post we talked about the main mechanics of the game which is the manipulation of Space and Time. Which is made by using 2 types of cubes in combination with a portal that will lead you to another dimension/Timespan or both.

What the puzzles consist off

The game consists in puzzles that are strongly focused on the interaction of VR. Meaning that the interaction between the player and the objects in the game is almost identical like in real life (He can grab an object with his virtual hands and manipulate to an extend that will allow him to interact with more detailed objects for example (removing screws by holding an actual screwdriver and follow that rotating motion with his hand to be able to remove them).

In terms of the puzzles and how to find the Cubes, the player must recreate a specific condition to be able to find the specific Cube. There are 6 cubes in total that need to be found to complete the game. Each of those Cubes were created in specific condition that allow them to be used in the portal as the main source to travel through space and time. Why 6? Because to travel through space and time and go back to your original dimension, you need 6 cubes that support that force of gravitation they create when connected with each other in the portal or else the portal is too unstable and you as player wont able to go back to your original dimension and timespan.

How it works

There are two main rooms in the game. An office that contains all types of information about the time travel experience (the games narrative) that has been recorded and written down in books and computers were the player can consult them, at any time of the game to keep himself informed. And then there is the main room which is, the Laboratory. The laboratory is the place where most of the Puzzles occur.

As mentioned before, the puzzles are based on those cubes. All cubes are made of the same ingredient except for 1 core ingredient that make them diverse from each other. Each cube is named after its core ingredient for example, to find the Cube of Temperature, the player must find a strong power source that has enough energy, to produce the right amount of energy needed to find the Cube of Temperature.

It is important to mention that the experiment was a “failure” and by the explosion of the portal, the cubes got lost in space and time and since there are multiple types of dimensions and timespans, the cubes can only be found in other dimensions and timespans in which their core ingredient is made off. Since there are objects that do not exist in some dimension or in a specific time. This gives the player the possibility to recreate those exact conditions and find the cube they need. After finding a cube, the player can use that in the portal to travel in space or time.

Here follows an example of gifs that demonstrate the functionality of the cubes being used in the portal and how the player uses the cubes he finds to get more cubes.

STEP 01 - Finding the first cube


STEP 02 - Traveling to a different dimension


STEP 03 - The problem


STEP 04 - Explore


STEP 05 - Finding a solution to the problem


STEP 06 - Traveling back to the other dimension


Step 07 - Problem solved


Where to find us:

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See you next week!

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