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Travel through the 4 dimensions as you try to unravel the secret of time and space. A normal workday turned out to bend in on itself as you accidentally created an unstable connection in a portal causing a distortion in your current timeline.

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DevLog #7


Hello! Today we bring you the footage of our trailer as well as some of the thought processes behind it since we first visualized the concept!

The Process

  • Initially, we wanted to showcase our game in a way that would introduce the players to the narrative without saying anything, a "show, don't tell" approach. So we brainstormed and came up with some ideas for how we wanted to convey this visually and with sound. We created a sketch (in storyboard fashion) of what we wanted to do and started building up from there.

trailer sketch 1

trailer sketch 2

  • Making use of the Unity Engine animations to showcase the main storyline before the game events (the explosion of the portal and the reason for the main character to be stuck in time-space).
Unity Animation Progress

  • We then moved onto Adobe Premiere in order to edit the footage and start adding sound effects and music! We managed to achieve a vibe of mystery as well as a lonesome environment where the only sounds heard are the player's interactions with the lab puzzles.

Image of Premiere Progress

The Result

Now, without further ado, here's the embed for the trailer!

Make sure to drop by the YouTube channel to view it in its full glory!

Next up: A wrap up about the semester

and a look back on a half-year's worth of work in SpaceShifter since conceptualization. Until then!

Find us elsewhere:

» Twitter account: TheJoes7

» Instagram account: the.joes.co

DevLog #6

DevLog #6


How we managed to bring light to the space-time continuum.

DevLog #5

DevLog #5

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Diving into the 3D making process for SpaceShifter's eerily lonesome environment.

DevLog #4

DevLog #4


A deeper view into the gameplay that make up SpaceShifter.

Devlog #3: The Art of SpaceShifter - Environment

Devlog #3: The Art of SpaceShifter - Environment


Hey everyone! Happy Easter! Today we are going to take a look at our environment! The Lab and the office are places full of complicated contraptions that...

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