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Post news RSS Devlog #26 | Hidden Stash and Smuggling Contraband

A devlog post around Hidden Stash and Smuggling Contraband Mechanics.

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As the new Trading system was shaping up for Milestone 5 alongside the emergence in our storylines of some of the less lawful factions (such as the Loader's Guild), we figured we would need a sub-system for smuggling goods as it makes sense that these organizations would be willing to hire a vagrus to do just that.

The key to this are the comitatus equipment called Hidden Stash and the contraband property of certain goods. These goods are either monopolized by the Empire or some kind of organization or are outlawed completely. Good examples of the former are Obsidian Blades (Imperial Trading Houses have a monopoly on them) while Dragonbone is for the latter. Whichever the type is, goods such as these are contraband, and if you have any of them in your cargo hold, guards in major cities will stop you and confiscate it at the gates unless you can pass a difficult test of hiding it.

Unless you have them stashed away in your Hidden Stash, of course. When equipped, it converts some of your cargo hold into a stash that can be used normally, except that contraband put in it is disregarded by checks and guards. Alternative smuggling methods include bribing the guards or having connections in the criminal underworld or Imperial organizations or Churches (though these inevitably lower your reputation with said factions). Once smuggled into town, contraband goods have to be sold to the right people, too, so there are still further considerations.

We are also looking into adding different ways contraband will work with different powers (such as Tarkian cities, the Dragonlands, and so on) later on, as well as adding specific faction Tasks that ask you to smuggle certain things into faraway cities. So if you are interested in risking smuggling, it could become a viable option for your comitatus.

The Lost Pilgrims Team

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