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Fractal Space update 0.58 is now live for Pre-Alpha testers on Steam!

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Hello dear Fractal Space players on PC! Latest update 0.58 is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux! Please restart Steam to be sure you get the latest update as soon as possible.

This update focuses on a massive amount of bugfixes, that were introduced by previous update 0.57; as the previous version had many code / structural changes, it also brought in many new bugs.

In addition, here's our latest reveal trailer for PC:

Theoretically, most of them should now be fixed! We hope this 0.58 update version is more stable than 0.57!

RESTART CURRENT CHAPTER: If you were playing before this update, please restart current Chapter from the beginning to avoid bugs.

Haze Games

After updating, if at any time you are encounter a missing object in the level (Power Core Slot or other), please restart the current chapter from the beginning (not last checkpoint, full Chapter restart) and check if the issue is still happening. If it still missing, please report with ALT+B.

If you have specific bug reports that require videos or cannot be sent via ALT+B, please send them to bug@haze.games ;)

Thank you for testing and reporting bugs!

In case you had missed our behind-the-scenes video about adding pipes in the past few updates, you can check it out now:


Ghost Mode: Using Ghost Mode will result in bugs that you do not need to report.
If you use Ghost Mode, please play the "normal way" and activate all the buttons / objects correctly in the right order, and "fly" through the normal path.

Otherwise, the level won't respond correctly and won't be initialized how it should. This is intended, as the game is highly optimized with all rooms being initialized as the player progresses.

If you skip them completely with Ghost Mode, they won't be initialized. This is not a bug and does not require to be fixed, because it's simply an impossible situation in normal play.

There will be an in-game warning about this in the future ;)

Random Clipping: It can sometimes happen that you may randomly clip through a wall or ground. This is a Unity engine bug with physics.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about it at this stage. The bug was reported years ago, and Unity is finally working on a fix. I will let you know when this issue is presumably fixed, from which point this issue shouldn't happen anymore.

Until then, you might still experience it once in a while. You may still report bugs about them for information purposes but it requires Unity to fix their physics bug :(

NEW | IN 0.58

  • Upgrades: Reworked Upgrade interface with more readable layout and new icons for each upgrade:

  • Safe Area: Added "Reset" when editing Display Safe Area to reset to default values in Options - Accessibility:

  • Propellers with Blades: Being improved and reworked visually; you currently will have a mix between the old and new version (it's intended as work not finished). Will be improved in the next updates ;)


  • Chapter 1: Solved softlock before/after getting the Taser: if you have disabled the Platforms button, platforms will be forced active after shooting the very first switch, to ensure you can get back. If you disable the platforms after getting the Taser and try to return to Taser Room and fall, relocation will now appropriately relocate you to the correct side to avoid softlock.


  • Zero-Gravity: Fixed the major bug that would cause "throwing the player" around while in Zero-Gravity and going out of cutscene state (even with cutscenes disabled this bug would happen)
  • Moving Lasers: Could sometimes stop movement after character death and save reloads
  • 3D Texts: Some Russian characters were not displayed correctly (squares). Should be fixed. Please report if you find others ;)
  • Breakable Windows: Falling from breakable window glass shards (example, walking on it and dropping down) could cause jetpack request to not happen until next time you touched regular ground
  • Hover: Was recharging during cutscenes
  • Collectibles: Various collectable objects could still have collisions (with other objects) after being picked up. Lens flares (small lights) were not displayed correctly (they should be back)
  • Cutscenes: Some cutscenes could have lens flares wrongly placed (stars)
  • Chapter 1: Could see the Power Core after 3600 code sticking out of the wall if you then decided to go outside
  • Chapter 1: "Find a way to unlock the Taser Room" objective could be triggered and displayed as active when going through the vent before entering the room (too early).
  • Chapter 2: The Bridge to get out of the first room had a ground placed above it - this was a bug.
  • Chapter 2: Interior of the Big Room could have a missing part
  • Chapter 2: First shooting camera cutscene could go wrong and prevent camera's surrounding walls to retract, if you were in first run (not NG+), and cutscenes disabled.
  • Chapter 2: Last room's Cube could be picked up through the breakable window at some angles
  • Chapter 3: Horizontal fast smashers could kill the player at incorrect moments of their moment:

  • Chapter 3: The first double-pressure plates for the first door will now become inactive and unusable (stop reacting to cubes) when the button below has been activated. Intended, to avoid issues with the door they control, and keep that door closed.
  • Chapter 3: After the first double-pressure plate area (with 2 timer boxes), the Cubes and structures behind would be destroyed while the moving platform was moving to the next area. Now, has been changed to be destroyed when entering the Vertical Room, to be less noticeable.
  • Chapter 3: Power Core Slot for optional upgrade before The Cube initialization button, and others, could sometimes not be present.
  • Chapter 3: The Cube area could be missing the Encryption Key readers and formatters. If you still have them missing, please share a video of how you played the previous rooms, as it may be linked to what actions you perform before reaching The Cube:

  • Chapter 3: Invisible ground just before the "Timing is Important" room, after getting out of the vent
  • Chapter 3: After the Bridge from the Vertical Room, you could shoot the button and result in a buggy entrance towards the next area. This button is now manual only.
  • Chapter 3: Going through the disabled lasers after the music hacking part, would destroy the camera and other objects, even if you went back down. This has now been changed to be done later in the level to make it less noticeable.
  • Chapter 3: "initializeRoom" button cutscene had a few objects wrongly present beforehand
  • Chapter 3: Fixed various blinking objects inside Initialization Room, and some floating structures of the level that were visible too early
  • Chapter 4: Sun Room Power Core Slot and others could sometimes be missing
  • Chapter 4: A Train wall collider was bugged and you could clip through it
  • Chapter 4: The Hyper-Speed Suppressor area could sometimes have a missing destructible wall on the ceiling
  • Fixed camera glitches during cutscene transition for a non-skippable cutscene with Disable Cutscenes enabled
  • Keyboard / Mouse Objects: Keyboard / Mouse objects of Terminals would be thrown very fast if shot with Taser in Zero-G. Will now react appropriately.
  • Localization: Various typos and wrong localizations were fixed (thanks for reporting them)
  • Subtitles: "Nope" subtitle wouldn't disappear

Thank you for testing! We'll continue working on the various remaining bugs, and re-update the game within 3 weeks ;)

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