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Post news RSS Development Journal - June 9, 2013

Work has begun on the new engine! Take a look at this week's progress.

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As I stated in last weeks journal, War of the Voxels is undergoing a revamp.
After some research, I decided to go with Dual Contouring, a technique that is generally associated with this wonderful voxel engine:

Here's a screenshot of what I've accomplished so far:

I know what you're thinking:

That looks really bad...what is it even supposed to be?

But allow me to explain what it is!
What you see in the picture is a sphere, created by using an algorithm I mentioned above called Dual Contouring. What Dual Contouring let's me do is create that spherical mesh from a 3D grid of cubes. Basically, I've applied a smoothing algorithm to the blocks to create that sphere. You may, however, be thinking:

That doesn't look very spherical...it looks really jagged.

But remember, this is a close up shot, and the sphere is only composed of ~3x3x3=27 cubes. To make it look more spherical, all that needs to be done is to bump up the "resolution" (how many cubes make up the sphere).

However, I will admit that it looks...peculiar.
The reason why it's so "colorful" is because I haven't added lighting yet, and so to better see the shape of the object, I generated a random color for each vertex of the sphere. You may also notice the z-fighting in the screenshot; this is because Dual Contouring often produces polygons that intersect.

Wireframe view:

MachinaGames - - 3 comments

Looking pretty decent man! I like it!

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Chosenlama - - 148 comments

nice, will this engine be the one for war of the voxels now? probably would be awsome if

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untitled Author
untitled - - 39 comments

Yes, we're planning to replace the current rendering engine of War of the Voxels with this one.

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Theon - - 712 comments

******* amazing stuff!

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