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Post news RSS Devblog #10: Unearned Bounty - Alpha

Avast ye Seadogs! With September behind our winds I'll be going over the progress we've made in the past month!

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Unearned Bounty! Set Sail!

Unearned Bounty is multiplayer pirateship Free-For-All arena combat game where you strive to become the most infamous pirate of the high seas. Within the 15 minute matches, you collect gold to upgrade your ship and try to steal kills, and loot from other players in a looping world.

If you'd like to play in the alpha jump on our discord and type "!key" into chat and our bot will send you a steam key! We run playtesting sessions on Saturdays 11am to 2pm PDT, hop on and be entered to win $20 steam giftcard each week!

Iron Horns

Iron Horns

Last week we got our 3rd ship, Iron Horns, into Unearned Bounty! This ram ship has a dash ability that can be used to ram other ships or get you out of sticky situations!

Iron Horns Main Menu

Updated Soundtrack

Listen to the latest edits on our OST

Updated UI & Aiming

Iron Horns in game

We've change our aiming to be softer, mini-map designed, and a new set of icons!

Ramming IconPoisonGas Icon 1BoomBarrel Icon 1Coin Icon

New Results Screen

new results

Up Next!

Now that our artists Richard Pince and James Garcia are with us fulltime working on the project we're looking forward to some really great stuff to show off soon! The Spitting Dragon and a large terrain overhaul are on our horizon!

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Robert Dunlap

Extrokold Games

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