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Today, we'll show you another kind of models that will add much DETAIL to each room inside the temples.

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Development Log

Hi again!

Today, we'll show you another kind of models that will add much detail to each room inside the temples. We're going to model contrasting "textures" on the walls and the floors.

Modelling variations on stone walls, a tiled stone floor or wall will be important but, be sure to make the models modular between one another. This means that every stone should be about the same size, and if you can use your model in different rotations, that is going to help not keeping the level monotonous.

Blender 1/6

From the stack of stones we modelled earlier, we can build many variations on the walls, including an opening. We're going to use these stone walls on either the walls or ceilings, so make sure to have subtle differences from every perspective by including some offsets and rotations between the stones.

Blender 2/6

It's a different kind of stone entrance and another type of wall. This new type of wall is contrasting to the previous stone wall:it is smooth and detailed as it will have hieroglyphs everywhere.

Blender 3/6

Planks are easily modelled and will also be useful to construct any additional support beams inside the caverns. I exported these individually and they will be placed inside the engine wherever it needs to be.

Blender 4/6

Different types of friezes to further embellish the walls and ceilings. If you can, make these different friezes interchangeable between one another. Then, you can mix and match to create a different type of frieze inside the engine!

Blender 5/6

Floors. Same principle. Model one tile and every time you duplicate it, I used sculpted in "Dyntopo" mode to make small differences in the edges. Make sure every floor variation can be tiled to make a bigger floor.

Blender 6/6

More tools for the level designer to make you the best level in the game. Model easily re-usable models with variations across all of the perspectives and your level will not suffer from monotony.

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More Dev Logs to come!

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