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First dev update. Short introduction. Gameplay, and where the inspiration came from. How does the combat works.

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One man development team, right now I'm doing everything from programming to icons. This project will be my first official title released.

What is the game about?

The game is closest to gamebooks, and survival themed light novels. The gamebooks usually very linear, this game is an experiment to make a story from smaller parts randomly. The combat is secondary to the story, but its fully functional part of the game.

What about gameplay?

During gameplay, you will go through a series of random encounters. These encounters usually consist of dialogues and a few choices you can make. Choices may lead to consequences, trade, other encounters, or combat.

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shop 01

Shop & Buy

Your character has several stats. Health, Max Health, Fate, Coins, Equip points. In case your health goes zero your character will die. Fate, and coins both function as a currency. Coins usually used to buy, or gain weapons and items, while fate will be most used for fuel your specials.

Your character can't bring the whole arsenal on his back. There is a slot limit, as well an equipment point limit, forcing you to make trade-offs. Should you bring the awesome weapon with low ammo capacity or several lighter weapons with a lot of ammo?

Combat system

i, Enemy

When getting into combat, you will have to decide which weapon will be used. All weapons have a certain number of uses and damage.

Each enemy you will encounter will have stats, these stats are health, damage, combat, and reflex. Health is self-explaining if you can get it down to zero you win and the combat is over.Combat and Reflex stats need to be matched by you to hit the enemy, but if you can't then in that turn you will get hit and suffer Damage.

Selecting Weapon in combat

ii, Cards

Cards can be sorted into 3 category: Weapons, Items, Specials

I will talk about the first two: Weapons and Items both have certain charges, which shows how many times can be used. Equipment has certain equipment cost, you can think of it as weight. You can't bring everything with yourself. You have to choose what to bring, and what to drop.

Cards have effects, they can be seen in a lower portion of the card. There are a couple of these, some of them: one that gives you boost in given turn, heals you, stun the enemy for a couple of turns, re-roll some dices.

After weapon selection phase, the game will roll all the dices. In this, you can try to manipulate the results you got from the dice throws.

Manipulate dice result

If the player can match the enemy Combat, and Reflex stat he will be able to hurt it. However, if he can't, he will have to suffer the enemy damage.

The combat basically comes down to how much the player wish to gamble on his luck and save some uses on the weapons, after the results how much is he willing to sacrifice to manipulate the result.

Sooner or later one of you will fall. When you manage to defeat your foe, you will be rewarded for all the hardship you had to go through.

Enemy defeated

Enemy Defeated

Combat Result, The Loot

Combat Result, the loot


I wish to share some of the screenshots I made from the game present look. Let me remind everyone that it's still in development and probably will change.

Main menu and background

Main menu currently

Loading screen

Loading screen

That's it for now. I'll try to bring you updates at least once a week.

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