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The first "trap" prototypes for Curse of Light can be seen in this Dev Blog, as well as the first info related to the game's plot.

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Thanks for checking out this Dev Blog for "Curse of Light". If this is the first time you are reading about this game and you've never heard of it before, I'll give you a quick introduction regarding its key features. "Curse of Light" is an upcoming single-player adventure indie game set in an environment that draws inspiration from both fantasy and sci-fi themes. The gameplay will focus mainly on platforming, exploration and puzzle solving, but I'm also considering the inclusion of some stealth sequences. The game will also feature a very strong atmosphere and subtle horror elements applied through slow tension building, with no reliance on jump scares at all.

Since the last Dev Blog, I've spent some time prototyping the first "traps" that the player will have to deal with on the game, all of which provide instant death. So far, I'm planning to include moving walls with spikes, hidden spikes on the ground, arrows, lasers, saw cutters and more. These "traps" will also be used during platforming sequences and will have to be dealt with through the resolution of occasional puzzles. Below you can check a video that will allow you to see the advancements that I've made so far in this matter.

I have also created a very basic introduction to the story of "Curse of Light" that I hope to be able to develop with more depth in a future Dev Blog:

"In a planet far away, there is a small tribe of humanoid creatures with unique powers known as the Children of Light. Every 100 years, one member is chosen as the potential new leader of the tribe and he / she must complete a difficult challenge in order to be considered worthy of the title. The chosen one must enter the Temple of Light and touch the original source of light power so that he / she can finally reach its full potential. The Temple of Light has numerous trials that must be dealt with to progress in it and it is also said to be inhabited by The Shadows, mysterious creatures who carry the Curse of Light."

I'll post a new Dev Blog as soon as possible. Cheers!

KOEX_studio - - 14 comments

Cool, this looks interesting but.. the brightness/value? It looks under-saturated?

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yaminihi Author
yaminihi - - 19 comments

Thanks for the comment! The game doesn't have very strong colors because it relies heavily on a strong atmosphere with a horror element to it. I thought that boosting the brightness would result in a more "lively" and less scary mood. :-)

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