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History of the game and what happened before it all even started. Enjoy some sci-fi story with Molten Armor!

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After humanity barely avoided world nuclear wars and defeated most of the diseases it faced its greatest enemy ever. Itself.

Without wars and diseases, paradise on Earth quickly turned into hell. Overpopulation has become a global catastrophe. And hunger and thirst is the main threat to peace and the cause of everyday struggle.


Colonies on the Moon and on Mars could not support themselves and could not accommodate large numbers of people. On the verge of despair, people turned their eyes to the stars.

People have thrown all their energy and resources into searching for Earth-type planets and transporting millions of immigrants to them ...


...Tens of years passed. Colonies on several discovered planets flourished. To accelerate the resettlement, the world government decided to send out all volunteers to leave the Earth for free, but without the right to return. Millions of adventurers went to new worlds. The era of interstellar wild west began ...

...With each barge from the Earth to the colony, corps of the regular army and volunteer mercenaries were sent to suppress outbreaks of wars. Unforgivable "mortal sins" were introduced for states in the colonies: the prohibition of the genocide of other states and the ban on the development and use of the Weapons of Mass Destruction ...

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... More than 200 years have passed since the colonization of the Marina. On two large continents, in the middle of the boundless ocean, two states were formed. The snow-covered northern empire, which annexed the territory with diplomacy and blackmail. And the southern empire, surviving in oases in the middle of a vast desert, which captured smaller neighbors by brute force. The fertile land suitable for the cultivation of food is located around the strait separating the continents. Most of the fertile land falls on the northern continent ...

... Once in every 3 years barge "Argon" arrives from the Earth with a load of new colonists and equipment. At a secret meeting between the Ambassador of the Earth and the representative of the southern empire, through intricacies and intrigues, a treaty was concluded allowing the southerners to use force to influence the authorities of the northern empire, to obtain certain territories under the control of the southerners. The northerners refused to give up their territories peacefully, thereby giving the South a reason to start a war. The southern empire, having a strong land army, quickly captured the agreed territories. Considering that before the return of the earthlings they could finish off the entire northern empire, the Southerners continued their offensive. The northerners lost more than half their territories, in the end hiding behind a triple row of defensive walls erected in the midst of snow-covered fields and icy forests ...


... Three years of siege of the walls of the northerners have passed. You were born in the family of a soldier of the South Empire and were drafted into the army a year ago. You proved yourself in battle, and were chosen for a promotion. You were given an officer's rank and endured a painful operation of implanting an interface for controlling a defense system of automatic guns in your brain. You have been assigned an instructor to assist in the management of the unit. A girl named Valkyrie, a veteran of the war, with a rich combat experience. All you need to do is to be instructed and go to the frontlines...

... The Earth barge "Argon" returns to Marina's orbit. Earthlings, realizing that the southern side flagrantly violates the agreement, stand on the side of the northerners and land a military contingent of the regular army and mercenaries. A small number of these mercenaries decided to offer their services to southerners ...

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... The troops of the southerners are thrown from the besieged walls and a panic retreat begins. You were heading to the front line, but the war itself meets you. Your convoy gets under fire in which the senior officer dies and you take command on yourself. An order comes from the headquarters to cover the retreat of the nearest units from the advancing vanguard of the northerners ...

... So begins your story in this war ...

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