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3am Dead Time is in active development and with a big ambitions, but we need your help to make it come true and reach its potential.

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Hi to everyone!

To those who already know and follow the development of our game, we are very thankful for your support and interest. We have made it this far, and kept working as hard on this game thanks to your support, feedback and constant interest in the progress of 3:00am Dead Time :)

And to those who are new to this game, we would like to introduce it to you now.


3:00am Dead Time is a horror game involving a group of amateur paranormal researchers who won the casting for a one of a kind TV show that will send them to different haunted and mysterious locations across the United States, and later on, in different countries.

And as the game is team based, both single player and multiplayer campaigns will be available on it. Being based around the idea of a TV show, the game is split in numerous Episodes, each one with its very own story, characters, creatures, phenomena etc.

This is an investigation, exploration and high horror game. We have made extra efforts to make sure that the full game won't depend on jumpscares to get you to the edge of your seat, but rather on a carefully crafted atmosphere and building tension with the stakes getting higher as you progress.

3:00am Dead Time is also a game of stories and people. During the different episodes you will interact and interview the witnesses and victims of the events, learn their stories, and see them through their eyes during the Flashback sections. Then, during the actual Episode, you will need to get ready and bring on all the equipment, cameras, recorders, motion trackers, small drones, EMF detectors etc. to ensure you capture the best evidence for the viewers around the world.

3:00am Dead Time will not be your usual horror game. It won't be just one story. There are choices, different endings, even different levels depending on how you play. It won't be a jumpscare gallery. There is an atmosphere and real, old-school tension. There is not one monster. You have the full paranormal world, waiting for you.

But we need your help to make this game reach its full potential. We are right now in the middle of an indiegogo campaign to raise funds and awareness about our game, and help us get better tools and equipment to improve the quality and speed of our work.

Our main PC is a laptop right now, and while we have been able to get high quality results with it, it takes much longer than necessary to test and develop the game on it. The same with the other tools we are using, due to the high limitations that come with them.

The results are of high quality, but take way too long to achieve, and this is time that we want to use to develop even more content for the game, new episodes and improve the experience instead of battle with our equipment to get the results.

Besides, the game will need soon voice acting to fully fledge the story and all the episodes. We will keep developing the game as we have been doing so far, but to make it come true as we have planned it and as you deserve it, we really need all your help.


You can fund as little as 1USD to our campaign and get different perks as well as get featured in the credits of the game, or get discounted and Early Access copies of it, if you want to start playing it as soon as the new Episodes start coming. You can even appear in the game as one of the characters, or have your name featured in some levels!

You can also help us greatly by voting us on Steam Greenlight to get 3:00am Dead Time greenlit and available much sooner. Leave also your comments, tell people what you like about our game, and give us your feedback and ideas on how to improve it.

And also you can share links to our IndieGOGO, Steam Greenlight, Twitter or the game's IndiDB profile and help us reach more people. Any help is very appreciated by us, and moves us forward a long way towards our goals.

Again. we are very thankful with all the people who follows and supports this game. You have been amazing, and have kept us motivated through all this time to keep making 3:00am Dead Time better. And now, we are sure that with the help of all of you we can make this game come true in the way you all deserve.

Thanks, and have an excellent day!

The Irreverent Software Team

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