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Post news RSS Demo nearly done, just a few bugs left to squash...

You know those unpredictable moments in games development that you never really prepare for? well we decided today is a good day to share one with everybody.

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Despite our focus on other projects here at Flix, the combat demo for Eden Star is closing on a release. So we thought we'd share one of our testers bug videos, because why not right?

Everyone is having a blast testing the demo at the moment... However, we are sorry to say that this bug is definitely not a feature.

Keep an eye on this space for more information about a realease date!

( I do have to apologise about the video resolution as well. Some bugs are very spur of the moment, and in those moments it doesn't make much sense to be recording at 1080 or 720p ;D )

joshrouss - - 63 comments

I kinda like the bug lol

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fragfest2012 - - 888 comments

Graphics card melting...here I come.

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Zumf - - 27 comments

Surprisingly, it isn't that demanding! We're not going for a Crysis 1 "You haven't got a £300 graphics card? Aww that's a shame" attitude with this.

Of course the real game will have a massive amount of Apex stuff going on, but we're working hard to optimise it without spoiling the joy of environmental violence :)

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ulrasor - - 226 comments

May god hath mercy upon my PC. For thine suffering shall be at hand.
As in- **** yes.

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Zumf - - 27 comments

The torment shall be exquisite...

And yeah! We'd like to get the demo out NOW but there's still a few tweaks and new bits to shove in. We hope you'll bear with us!

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BioDestroyer - - 2,858 comments

Oh no, if you kill one, thousands spawn. We are doomed!!!

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Bermuda01 - - 43 comments

I like every news about edenstar nice to hear that there will be a demo soon. A question: will the maingame be voxelbased in the future? I am interested in the "terraforming", building part and would like to know more about it...

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clarky006 Author
clarky006 - - 18 comments

You will have the ability to re-shape the world, however, it won't be voxel based. We're modifying the apex system to create more realistic destruction, It won't be to the same extent of voxel based systems, but we're hoping everyone will find it more satisfying to destroy our world because of this :). The pride of the game mechanics will be mainly focused on structure construction, beautiful destruction, player vs A.I combat, and a unique and interesting upgrade system.

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Bermuda01 - - 43 comments

Ah ok thanks for the reply...now i have a little imagination of how it will be in game :) can you tell me a bit about "survival"? Can i rule the world With my telekinesis hands and the edenkit or is it nethertheless hard to survive?

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