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Artist & Animator at Flix Interactive. 2d Photoshop painting, Flash animation & After Effects specialist.

I also dabble in 3ds Max.

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Latest posts from @zumf

Estimated 80% reduction of biomass of insects in the last 25-30 years. This is horrifying. Theguardian.com

Feb 14 2019

Hi @augustbradley . Love the Mind & Machine podcast, but could you do us headphone-users a kindness and tone-down t… T.co

Feb 6 2019

Stop the Rot! End supply chain food waste - Sign the Petition! Chn.ge via @UKChange

Aug 5 2018

Netflix: Netflix, please buy the rights to The Expanse - Sign the Petition! Chn.ge via @UKChange

May 12 2018

My brother just mentioned this too. What's it doing there? T.co

Apr 20 2018

RT @JustExtreme: The #PSAct is a pitiful poorly written piece of legislation. Caffeine is exempt but L-Theanine isn't - tea is illegal

May 25 2016

RT @daveysaurus: Was re-watching the count duckula theme tune so did this :) T.co

Jun 7 2015