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Abilities system, new mechanics, army editor, Nukes and much more!

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Happy New Year !

Welcome soldier and enjoy a new month full of updates!

With a new composer joining our ranks we have drafted our first music piece, check it out:

Enjoy his other tracks on his soundcloud page!

Moving on to game mechanics, our latest unique addition would be our army editor capable of creating countless camo themes to match your taste.

Customisation demonstration

If you guys have ANY requests for camo patterns let us know in the comment section!

Next up on our road to nail down the most important RTS mechanics we stopped at Base building.So far so good,we have a basic prototype which lets you build your structures and nothing more:

Construction demo

We will expand it in the future with proper visual feedback and fancy animations.

And what sort of RTS would we be having without big explosions!We just had to implement a system for power-ups and abilities.

Bomb Demo

The FX is an early prototype, so no worries it will get better in time.

On the other side of the front we have been struggling with expanding EU building designs.In order to ease our road we decided upon first drawing a concept art for them before committing to the whole modeling process.A bit more time expensive but it will guarantee less time wasted on major modeling modifications.

First client, the Armory which will provide the player access to support units such as MRL and Anti-Aircraft Vehicles.

Armory concept

To the actual model:

EU - Armory

Next up will be the Helipad.Will grant the player access to air utilities such as helicopters,drones and reinforcement drops over the battlefield.

EU Helipad Concept Art

That's all for this month. Make sure you click on the Start tracking button and like us on our Facebook page for future updates and more details.Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful New Year !

theredmenace_ - - 257 comments

This looks so good!!! I am super excited for 2k16 :)

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Tesel - - 740 comments

looks like Generals 2

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
OJeskulke - - 94 comments

The score is fantastic and the visuals are very compelling and very detailed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CTLN7 Author
CTLN7 - - 444 comments

Thank you very much!
We are giving our best to bring our vision to life.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
joquiii - - 3 comments

Thanks! I created the score, much more to come. It does look great; I'm super excited.

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