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8-Bit Adventures 2 will be featured at Day of the Devs on November 5th, and the PC release date will be announced there too!

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I am thrilled to announce that 8-Bit Adventures 2 will be featured at the Day of the Devs 10th Anniversary Celebration on November 5th! Day of the Devs is the ultimate indie event, and as a massive fan of Double Fine, Tim Schafer, and iam8bit, participating there has been a dream of mine for years. Find out more by clicking on the link or picture below: Dayofthedevs.com

Day of the Devs 8 Bit Adventures

If you’re able to attend the in-person event at the Midway in San Francisco, you’ll be able to check out a brand new section of the demo which allows you to freely explore the World Map in an Airship! Explore cities and dungeons, battle bosses, and just see what you run into. Lots of tweaks were made to avoid major spoilers, and the idea was to give attendees a sense of the game’s immense RPG world.

Unfortunately I won't be attending the event myself (living in Australia as I do, there's a lot of travel costs involved that I can't cover), but the wonderful folks at Double Fine and iam8bit will be running the demo in my stead. A massive thanks to them - without their support, this opportunity wouldn't be possible.

But that’s not all! On the same day, we’ll FINALLY be announcing the PC (Steam and GOG) release date for 8-Bit Adventures 2! Even the cast can't believe it!

Group Surprised

Now, I did say the PC release date specifically and there’s a reason for this. While Ratalaika Games have been making some great progress on porting, the whole process has taken significantly longer than anticipated due to some unforeseen challenges. When you add console lotcheck on top of that (the approval process to be launched on each platform), the months pile up.

And so, after talking things over with my team, Ratalaika Games, Post Horn PR (a pro-bono marketing team who are very graciously supporting 8-Bit Adventures 2) and several other developers (whose input I’m very grateful for), I’ve ultimately decided to launch the PC version first, work on any bug fixes and updates necessary (updating a game is a lot easier on PC than on console), and then release the console versions as soon as everything’s ready.


I sincerely apologise to console players for this delay, as the plan was always to launch PC and console on the same day. I’ve stuck to and fought for that plan as long as I could (until about the last month and a half); but after speaking further with Ratalaika, it became clear that things had to change. My hope is that console players won’t have to wait too much longer than PC players – and on the bright side, they’ll also receive the Free DLC as part of the base game package, along with any extra fixes and updates for the smoothest and most complete experience.

And just to show you that things are moving ahead, here’s a picture of a (slightly older) development build of 8-Bit Adventures 2 running on a Nintendo Switch console (big thanks to Adrian from Ratalaika for taking this photo for me to share)!

Ratalaika Port 04

As for PC players, I know that some of you have been waiting for 8-Bit Adventures 2 since late 2015, and so I didn’t feel it was right to delay any longer. Taking this approach comes with some challenges, but I think it’ll be worth it to get the game in your hands. Thank you very much for your patience & support.

03 1

With all that said, please stay tuned for specific details on November 5th! I just wanted to take this opportunity to set expectations and be transparent about what’s going on, as I’d hate for anyone to be disappointed by the actual release date announcement.

On the very, very bright side, 8-Bit Adventures 2 will have a set-in-stone, come-hell-or-high-water release date! AND we get to participate in the ultimate indie event at Day of the Devs - how cool is that?! We’re nearly there every>

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