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We have created a small video demonstrating minor changes to the in game projectiles, explosions, player's profile icons and achievements for our upcoming video game Crash Force!!

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We have created a small video demonstrating minor changes to the in game projectiles! We have adjusted the speed of the projectiles, and we have added a custom saw blade animation and coloring (neon purplish) for the secondary weapon of the Clava Diphylla hovercraft.

The death explosion for our hovercrafts has been improved Michael Bay style! Killing an enemy hovercraft feels even more satisfying with the new explosion compared to the old one, don't you think?

We have added some in game cosmetic effects!! The player’s profile custom insignia appears next to its name, whenever his/her hovercraft is destroyed or destroys another hovercraft. These changes will provide more customization control, and a personal touch to the player on both his/hers game profile and in game. Achievements have also been added to the game, whenever a hovercraft is on a killing streak!

A final note, that these changes are not final and are still a work in progress!! We have prepared a Youtube video showcasing all of these changes here:

We thought it would be appropriate to add a few screenshots from different parts of Crash Force that are currently being redisigned, such as the Main Menu Selection Screen:

Main Menu Remastered

The In-game Heads Up Display (HUD):

Desktop 09 15 2016   18 41 02 05

Environmental changes to the Aquila Plains map:

Aquila Plains changes

and finally HUD & Environmental changes to the Cicuma Forest map:

HUD and Cicuma Forest changes in Crash Force

And as always, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest updates on Crash Force!!

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