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Crash Force is an amalgamation of the most popular genres in gaming; it is a multiplayer, arena, shooting game at its core, with RPG and racing elements, where the player assumes the role of a hovercraft to annihilate his enemies. Choose your side between the three rival hovercraft families, nine hovercrafts models, and battle in three distinct maps.

Crash Force features:

    • Fight your way to the top of the ranks with the help of friends or solo in a 6v6 fast paced shooting style.

    • Engage your opponents, in four different game modes: Team Showdown, One Man Wolfpack, Capture the Flag and Control the Nest. The game mode names may change until release.

    • Choose from three different maps: Aquila Plains, Cicuma Forest and Clava Tombs.

    • Will you be the one to hit the maximum level of 30 first?

    • Reach maximum level and start working on your Aviation Levels to unlock specialized skills.

    • Compare your profile statistics (KD ratio etc.) with your friends and customize your profile look with a variety of icons.

    • Multiple customization options for you hovercrafts in the form of skins and decals.

    • Choose from 9 Hovercrafts, three classes, and three hovercraft families (Aquilas, Clavae and Cicumas).

    • Dominate your opponents with a variety of different Abilities.

    • Pick up ammo packs for your vehicle's primary and secondary weapons.

    • Refuel your hovercraft's energy by passing over energy pads.

You can also check our offical webpage and can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news!

Official Website: Crashforce.ascanioentertainment.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Twitter: Twitter.com

Wiki: Crash-force.wikia.com

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Last Patch of Early Access!


Patch Notes v.1.5.3443

29 June 2017


  • Changed music in all maps.
  • Cicuma Nebulosa is now available. You can check all of Nebulosas abilities and stats along with videos on our Wiki here: Crash-force.wikia.com

Cicuma Nebulosa is now available

  • Clava Jubatus is now available. You can check all of Nebulosas abilities and stats along with videos on our Wiki here: Crash-force.wikia.com

Clava Jubatus is now available in Crash Force

  • The redesigned Clava Tombs is now available. We have an array of in-game screenshots along with a tour video:

Check all the screenshots of Clava Tombs here: Crash-force.wikia.com

Clava Tombs redesign in Crash Force

  • The game is now even more fast-paced with smaller ability cooldowns, smaller ability durations, no second step activations, more base damage, more base speed and more base health regeneration. You can read all the new abilities cooldowns, weapon damages and adjustments on our Wiki here: Crash-force.wikia.com
  • Bots will now take the level of the lowest player in game (+/-3). Bots will use abilities only if their level is bigger than 1 and a percentage of boost will be given to them, affecting weapon damage, weapon Rate of Fire, Health and Speed, based on their level (max level 90 = 4.5%).

Bots in Crash Force levels

  • New hovering animation in Craft Gallery.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes entering the tutorial would crash the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the match end card would show points earned from previous matches.
New HUD - New Hovercraft and many more features!

New HUD - New Hovercraft and many more features!


In our latest Patch we introduced a lot of new features and changes to Crash Force. We are heading in the full release mode and only have a few more content...

Creating Loot boxes in Crash Force

Creating Loot boxes in Crash Force


In our latest patch, we introduced four different loot boxes. In this article we will discuss the development of the loot boxes along with rendered images...

Graphical Changes in Crash Force

Graphical Changes in Crash Force


In this diary, we will take a look at the new graphical changes that were introduced to Crash Force.

New Main Menu and in-game UI

New Main Menu and in-game UI


Latest changes of the Main Menu and In-game User Interface of Crash Force.


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