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Week 5 - We are working on our player shooting and aim.

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Hello guys! This week we are working on the player aim and shooting, this is a very important mechanic which also means it will be tweaked a lot till we reach a level we are satisfied with. For now our player is a tree and his gun is a chest, fun!

In this video we are showcasing the player aim which is controlled with the mouse and 2 different weapons, the shotgun and the pistol. Some of the key points about the different weapons:

The Pistol

  • 10 Bullets
  • 100 Range
  • 0.8s wait before shoot again
  • 25 damage per bullet

The Shotgun

  • 8 bullets
  • Each bullet shoots a cone of 4 bullets
  • 50 Range
  • 1.2s wait before shoot again
  • 20 damage per bullet

Thank you for reading this weeks devlog and don't forget to tune in next week for another one!!

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