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This is a new update on the "Project Soulchains" in the last couple of years there has been several idea overhauls and game engine changes from unreal engine 3/4 to unity and finally we are happy to announce that our engine of choice for this game will be Godot.

The reason why we chose Godot is because of the open source nature of the program meaning we can implement everything we want without any worries that we will run into any bugs which in turn we would have to wait to be fixed. Also it will result in cost cuts since the program is free to use under the MIT license.

Secondly we have changed the scope and type of the game several times. Currently the idea which we are actively working on is a 2D pixel art game. The game is what we like to call a "Strategy Platformer". The game will have a slower pace than your regular platformers (examp. Spelunky) and instead will require planed movement, use of the environment...

Finally we are looking for new team members to help us.

We are currently looking for:

Pixel artist/animator (knowledge of Aseprite or other drawing program with animation required (examp. Photoshop)

Programmer (knowledge of Godot game engine or python/C++)

NOTE: All jobs are without payment and purely voluntary. The job listing is for people who want to try and make/publish a game as a team and gain knowledge in the process.

If you are interested send your application to tectonicgamestudiotgc@gmail.com

With love,

Tectonic Games Studio :3

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