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We took a peek into our analytics data to see how strong this tendency is, and lo and behold…

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The following infographic and the text input were created by Agnieszka Mulak - Gamedec's Narrative Designer. Aga broke down game stats by focusing on how players behaved during the game. Check out those interesting results and, of course, share them with us. On which side are you?

Players are notoriously good. When given a choice in a game, they overwhelmingly pick the “good”, honorable, and kind options. We took a peek into our analytics data to see how strong this tendency is, and lo and behold… In a dialogue with no other prompts and only a vague background for the NPC, 97% of our players chose to be kind instead of threatening in order to advance the plotline. They did so knowing both approaches held equal rewards.

The tendency held in other dialogues, even if the NPC players spoke to, was far from innocent and required players to submit to their twisted will. Even then, over 70% of players decided to earn the reward by being on the NPC’s good side rather than contradicting them.

It might not be a morality thing only, though. In dialogues where the “right” and “left” sides (in our choice visualization) had nothing to do with good and evil, about 80% of the players still opted for the right side. A habit? A culture-wide association of directions with moral valuations? It might be a bit of both.

The tendency is not set in stone, however. When the game offered a greater reward for picking the left side, the majority of the players chose smart and went with the reward. Luckily for us, they can be tempted, after all.

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